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Microbiological Problems of Traditional (Ethnic) Foods   Samir Mahgoub

Microbiological Problems of Traditional (Ethnic) Foods

84 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Microbiological Problems of Traditional (Ethnic) Foods Samir A. M. Mahgoub This book is organized into three sections beginning with an introduction in which the problem is described in terms of the number and size of produce related outbreaks. The second section is materials and methods. In the third section, preventing growth of bacteria is examined. Understanding the causes and contributing factors leading to outbreaks of foodborne illness associated with contamination of meat products continues to be a worldwide challenge for everyone-from the growers of ready to eat produce through the entire production and delivery process. Additionally, researchers are facing an increased challenge to develop means of preventing these foodborne illness occurrences. The premise of The Produce Contamination Problem is that once human pathogen contamination of ready to eat products has occurred, it is extremely difficult to reduce pathogen levels sufficiently to assure microbiological safety...
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