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A potent lipase from Acinetobacter species   Natarajan Nandakumar and Rengarajulu Puvanakrishnan

A potent lipase from Acinetobacter species

116 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This Monograph describes the impact of a potent lipase producing soil bacterial strain Acinetobacter sp. The characterization of crude lipase from the optimized media showed that lipolytic activity was optimal at pH 8.5 and at 30?C. Lipase activity was stable over a wide pH range [4.0 – 9.5] and significant temperature stability up to 50?C at pH 8.5 was observed. Lipase was stable in commercially available detergents and it was found to be remarkably activated by various salts and also stable in 40%, 80% organic solvents and hydrogen peroxide. Partial purification using 40% ammonium sulphate resulted in an increase in specific activity from 2.34U/mg of protein to 19.23U/mg. Approximate molecular weight for the crude lipase was determined as 32000 Daltons by SDS PAGE analysis. The position of lipase was confirmed by performing SDS PAGE Zymography. The filtered lipase was tested as an additive in laundry detergent formulations using statistical design RSM. Optimization studies showed...
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