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Vermicomposting: Microbiological and Biochemical aspect   Dilip Kadam

Vermicomposting: Microbiological and Biochemical aspect

112 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The urgent need for solid waste management and environmental crises due to increasing pollution problems by extensive usage of chemicals have attracted the attention of all of us towards the most cost effective process of vermicomposting. It has come up as an effective method for disposal of organic wastes of different types and as a mode of better composting for sustainable agriculture. This book will definitely help to understand certain aspects of vermicomposting. This book describes important aspects of vermicomposting in general with emphasis on the microbiological and biochemical aspects such as microorganisms associated with vermicompost, enzymes produced by microorganisms as well as earthworm gut during vermicomposting, succession of microorganisms and contribution of microbial enzymes in vermicompost and its nature. This book is useful to students as well as scientists interested in this area. This book will be helpful also in respect of cost economics aspect of...
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