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Production of Bioethanol from Mahua Flower   Shailesh Jadhav,Prof. K.L.Tiwari and . Renjini

Production of Bioethanol from Mahua Flower

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today whole world is facing various problems, out of which one of the important problem is energy crisis. We are using fossil fuel for various purposes. We also knew the fact that fossil fuel is not renewable and it creates the problem for environment. The solution of this major problem is “Bioethanol” because it is derived from renewable natural sources which are easily available in our nature. But researches in Bioethanol is under process and we do not produces the sufficient quantity also. So it is necessary to search various sources of Bioethanol and to search various microorganisms for production of Bioethanol. We are trying to develop the technology for Bioethanol production. This work is the part of effort to solve this problem and authors believed that, this monograph may useful and helpful for various scientists which are involved in “Bioethanol Production
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