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Essentials of Microbiological media,strains,indicators&buffers   Subhashini Vallabhaneni

Essentials of Microbiological media,strains,indicators&buffers

556 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book on Culture Media, Stains and Reagents was compiled to facilitate the students, teachers and researchers of Microbiology for their laboratory work. This book is divided into chapters on Media for bacteria, fungi, Actinomycetes, algae, stains, reagents and buffers for easy reference of the user. The material of this book is the outcome of three decades of research experience of the author, both as a Scientist and Research Guide for University Scholars. Several standard source books were referred for the preparation of this manuscript. A treatise on microbiological media is the efforts of my student’s research and their agonized frustration to locate the media composition and related information needed to culture specific microorganism or to stain them or to carry out biochemical tests for identifying the isolates. My research experience and my research scholars are the stimulus for writing this comprehensive reference book on the culture media. They are listed alphabetically...
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