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Amelioration of saline-alkali and alkali soils with blue green algae   Subhashini Vallabhaneni

Amelioration of saline-alkali and alkali soils with blue green algae

152 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
About 7 million hectares of land in India is affected with high salt content. Attempts are needed to bring back such areas under cultivation and also to check their further spread. Normally such lands are reclaimed through chemical amendments like application of gypsum followed by leaching. Reclamation through biological means is another approach. The most promising group of microorganisms are blue-green algae, which are known to establish well in soils with high pH and salt content. The information available on the distribution of blue gree algae, their growth potential, uptake of salts like sodium and potassium and their influence on the yield and physico-chemical properties of such soils is meagre. Results reported herein are based on the pot culture and field trails carried out by exploiting blue green algae in salt affected soils as a Ph.D dissertation of the author. The book on Reclamation of salt affected soils with blue-green algae is essential and timely in order to feed the...
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