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Traditional Fermented Products of India   Soundarapandian Sekar and Subbiah Mariappan

Traditional Fermented Products of India

192 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Microbiology was borne due to the curiosity in traditional fermentation. A variety of products are being obtained by exploiting microorganisms inadvertently. However, documentation of this traditional knowledge with research inputs on microbiological and biochemical features and evolving into better and safer products is of contemporary relevance. The book therefore, provides a systematic presentation of fermented products of India such as food, beverage, feed and dyes. The art of preparing the preserved culture starter as inoculum in beverage fermentation is highlighted. Current state of understanding of these products focusing on raw materials, fermentation process, microbial systems involved, biochemical changes, nutritive value with references for each product is presented. Finally, current implication of this knowledge in terms of use as probiotics, therapeutic and nutritive value, microbial and food preservation and safety aspects are discussed. The book should be useful to food...
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