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  Kyle Schuneman, Heather Summerville

The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces

256 страниц. 2012 год.
Star designer Kyle Schuneman offers bold ideas for achieving big style in small spaces—on any budget.A first apartment allows you to finally do what you want with your own space, but it can be tricky to decorate. Luckily, twenty-seven-year-old decorating prodigy Kyle Schuneman knows that a paper-thin wallet and four plain walls don’t have to stand in your way, and the ten amazing, real apartments in this book show it.From coast to coast, these fabulous first homes are the perfect balance between cool design and comfort, and they offer plenty of practical ideas for making your apartment feel open, organized, and inviting. Examples include:¦ Multifunctional studios¦ A loft that was sectioned into livable areas¦ Cookie-cutter apartments with one-of-a-kind personality¦ Shared spaces that accommodate different decorating tastes¦ Fantastic examples of how to display collections, hide unsightly stuff, and manage picky landlordsKyle’s creative solutions reveal how you can make your space feel...
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