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Physics of Clinical MR Taught Through Images   Wolfgang R. Nitz,Miguel Trelles,Frank Goerner

Physics of Clinical MR Taught Through Images

288 страниц. 2013 год.
Thieme New York
This updated edition of The Physics of Clinical MR Taught Through Images has been thoroughly rewritten and includes key information on how to apply an understanding of physics to improve diagnostic images. It teaches a practical approach to MR physics using images and emphasizes knowledge of the fundamentals that are important to achieving and maintaining high image quality using the readers MR equipment.Key Features:Includes discussion of the latest hardware and software innovations in MR, such as advanced parallel RF transmission, MR-PET, and interventional MRCovers new imaging strategies critical to current and future advances, including compressed sensing and cartilage mapping, multi-shot EPI, and quantitative parametric mapping in the heartCases presented use images from actual patient examsMore than 600 high-quality clinical images illustrate concepts presented in the textRadiologists, physicists, residents, and MR technologists will find this new edition to be a very useful...
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