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Chinese Ceramics   Stacey Pierson

Chinese Ceramics

225x280 144 страниц. 2009 год.
V&A Publications, Victoria & Albert Museum
"Chinese Ceramics" establishes a new and accessible approach to thinking about these globally significant objects, drawing on objects from the Victoria and Albert Museum's world famous collection, including many previously unpublished pieces. Chinese ceramics are among the most widely admired and collected ceramics in the world. From elegant Song celadons to decorative Ming vases and colourful Qing famille rose, ceramics produced in China have influenced taste and daily life globally. They are set apart from other world ceramic traditions by their remarkably long history of continuous production, consumption and appreciation and their exceptionally high quality. Because they were widely traded and admired, Chinese ceramics have also had an impact on numerous aspects of global cultural activity, from dining to drinking, decoration to architecture. Ceramics were among the first Chinese objects acquired by the V&A. From 1854, the museum purchased and received as gifts and...
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