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Standardization of ''Pathadyasav'' used in Bronchial Asthma   Madhuri Dalvi-Pawar

Standardization of ''Pathadyasav'' used in Bronchial Asthma

128 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
In traditional system of Ayurved different pharmaceutical processes have been conducted one natural sources of drugs to formulate herbal potent medicines viz Juices, Decoctions, Medicated ghee-oils and fermented products [Asav- Arishta]. Amongst these formulations fermented products have their own importance in routine clinical practice due to its faster absorption, quick action, greater shelf life and target specific action. However, standardization is a burning topic in Ayurvedic drug industry today. Due to complex nature and inherent variability of the constituents of compound formulations, it is difficult to establish quality control parameters for these drugs. Thus in recent years it’s a need to produce the quality profile of herbal medicines for their acceptance world wide. Pathadyasav is a fermented poly herbal product advocated to treat respiratory disorders mainly Bronchial Asthma. In view of all above facts the study was planned to standardize Pathadyasav with standard...
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