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Osteoarticular tuberculosis : diagnostic dilemma   Vinay Aggarwal,Deepthi Nair and Geetika Khanna

Osteoarticular tuberculosis : diagnostic dilemma

100 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Osteoarticular tuberculosis is the most common forms of extra-pulmonary TB. With HIV pandemic hitting there is resurgence of TB in western world as well & most of these cases are extra-pulmonary & atypical. The diagnosis of tuberculosis has for many years relied on conventional culture & histopathology which are time consuming. With resistant forms of TB like MDR & XDR prevailing , it is now extremely important to make an early diagnosis & start prompt treatment to avoid permanent disability. In our study, we aim to investigate the efficacy of a novel diagnostic modality called GenProbe (Inc , sandiego, California)for diagnosis of joint tuberculosis. We also review the entire literature of almost 100 years to find out where we stand now & have we actually solved the dilemma of diagnosis of Tuberculosis in the 21st century
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