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Karsh: Beyond the Camera   David Travis

Karsh: Beyond the Camera

168 страниц. 2012 год.
In August and September of 1988, Yousuf Karsh's long-time assistant, Jerry Fielder, sat down with the master photographer and taped over nine hours of recollections of the many portrait sessions he'd experienced in one of the greatest careers in history. Karsh spoke of his sitters and his rags-to-riches life, including much that had never before been revealed or recorded. Previously, Karsh had often paired his full-page portraits with stories of his encounters with famous sitters. However, as his oeuvre grew, the photographs soon eclipsed the commentary, and his essays were often edited down to captions.Drawing from the newly rediscovered 1988 recordings, Karsh: Beyond the Camera reestablishes the original presentation of Karsh's work, pairing each photograph with the story of its making on the facing page. Published in an affordable small format paperback with flaps, Karsh's portraits are elucidated and complemented both by his own recollections and by the text of veteran curator...
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