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Athlete's heart and Tissue Doppler Imaging   Eszter Csajagi

Athlete's heart and Tissue Doppler Imaging

84 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Evaluation of the characteristics of the athlete`s heart has been in the center of the sport cardiologic attention for many years. Many kinds of methods are available, but the most studies are carried out with echocardiography. In sport medical research Tissue Doppler Imaging is a relative new method, its’ applicability and usefulness in the athletic heart studies are not clear. This book gives a great review on the athletic heart research, the backgrounds of TDI and the results gained with this method in the past. Then with a well designed study, it seeks answer to the question, whether TDI can give us more exact data on the functional characteristics of the athlete?s heart, as this area is not unambigously cleared with traditional echocardiographic Doppler imaging. This book is as much recommended for researches in the athletic heart and sport medicine area, as for every physician, medical and sport science students and laymen interested in the athletic heart research and...
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