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World Employment Report 2001 : Decent Work and Information and Communications Technologies (CD-ROM)

This report, available in both book and CD-ROM versions, examines the challenges and opportunities emerging from the rapid growth of information and communications technologies (ICTs) around the world. Recognized as one of the major drivers of economic growth and wealth creation, these technologies are raising productivity, reducing costs, and increasing the speed of communications to help shape the new global economy. This study illustrates how they have changed labor market conditions and industrial conditions as well. While analyzing how new technologies impact the quantity, quality, and location of work, the book also looks at where jobs will be lost and created in industrialized and developing countries. It reveals how the digital economy is transforming the way workers' and employers' organizations function, relate to their members, and bargain collectively. The report also offers important strategies for making technology more available to poor countries, and discusses in...
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