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Russian enamel of the late XXth century   Vladislav Sivtsov

Russian enamel of the late XXth century

160 страниц. 2004 год.
Exhibits from private collections included in to the book "Russian Enamel of the late 20th century" are among the best works created over the past fifteen years by the well-known Rostov enamelers. Author of the book and owner of a unique collection is Vladislav I. Sivtsov. A faculty of the Nikolai Bauman Moscow State Technological University, Doctor of Technology, he never belonged to the so-called "millionschiki" or Russian millionaires that used to sponsor arts and to collect works of art in the late 19th century and early 20th century. To him the ancient artistic craft of Rostov turned into a favorite and dear attraction. He is known for his passion and deep affection for miniature enamels and enamelers. To a certain degree close ties with enamelers, ge-nuine interest in their work and life played a significant role in the current history of enameling art and its development. It is not a secret that for certain objective reasons in the post-Soviet times many enamelers found...
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