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A Cultural Perspective of Dress   Hazel Ogilvie Jackson

A Cultural Perspective of Dress

490 страниц. 2009 год.
University Readers
A Cultural Perspective of Dress provides a framework for studying the meanings associated with apparel, textile production, and human appearance across and within various world cultures. This framework introduces a number of themes explained and referenced by sound research and explored and illustrated by way of photographs, video selections, online resources, and other activities. The case study approach lends itself well to adding other articles, news photographs, and student experiences to class discussion. My experience with this material, used in a seminar-style university course, has been quite positive. By the time the major themes have been explored, students develop more inclusive attitudes about and appreciation for cultures other than their own. Whether engaged in commerce, policy, entertainment, or merely attempting to understand international news, individuals in the twenty-first century will find an open attitude about other cultures vital in today's world...
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