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Quality management for component based software system   Shambhu Jha

Quality management for component based software system

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Software communities are striving for techniques and approaches that could improve developer’s productivity; reduce time-to-market, excellent performance and produce systems that are flexible, scalable, secure, and robust. Only possible solution of this problem is component-based software engineering, which has generated tremendous interest in software communities. Unfortunately, the quality attributes of the final component based system, such as its performance, scalability or reliability, are not easy to determine. For this reasons, the component-based approach, is difficult to utilize in domains in which quality attributes are of primary concern. This dissertation proposes quality model for CBSD that defines a set of quality attributes for the effective evaluation of COTS components. Further, this dissertation also suggests few necessary guidelines and proposes some relevant metrics applicable to it, which after proper quantification and validation may help guiding risk and quality...
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