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Playing with GUIs in MATLAB   Elena Pelican and Roxana-Lavinia Cristea

Playing with GUIs in MATLAB

172 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This practical guide is intended to help students (from mathematics, computer science, engineering, finance, and even natural sciences) who want to learn how to create a GUI in MATLAB, as beginners or at an intermediate level. Being already successfully class-tested, we hope this book will help them, not only at some mathematical-like courses, but at any course that makes use of MATLAB software. The only prerequisite that is needed, is the user being familiar with MATLAB syntax, command, and environment. The book has two chapters. First one is dedicated to briefly presenting the editor components. Chapter 2 is about practicing what we have presented in the previous one. It consists of five complex projects. The first two ones are split into small tasks, and solved completely. Also, the code is with many comments, in order to be fully understood. The last three are left to the reader to complete them.
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