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Distributed Noise-Monitoring Systems for Seismic Stability Faults   Telman Aliev and Elchin Aliyev

Distributed Noise-Monitoring Systems for Seismic Stability Faults

380 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
To obtain the information about the vulnerability of seismic stability of construction objects, we propose technologies and systems for the analysis of noisy signals received during weak earthquakes (which are typically more frequent than strong ones) from sensors installed in the most informative spots of a structure. It has been demonstrated that, during weak earthquakes, such estimates as noise variance, noise correlation value and cross-correlation function between the useful signal and the noise turn out to be stable values in the case of intact seismic stability of a building structure. However, if they change in the course of an earthquake, it is an informative attribute of the change in the seismic stability of the object. The characteristics of the structures that have been built before strong destructive earthquakes are taken as reference values remaining practically stable. Tangible fluctuation of the aforementioned estimates during a subsequent weak earthquake would...
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