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Implementation of Guilt Model with Data Watcher for Leakage System   Nitin Jagtap

Implementation of Guilt Model with Data Watcher for Leakage System

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is beneficial for those researchers who are working on Database and data ware house and mining. This book is also beneficial for company. In every enterprise, data leakage is very serious problem faced by it. An owner of enterprise has given sensitive data to its employee but in most of the situation employee leak the data. That leak data found in unauthorized place such as on the web of comparator enterprise or on laptop of employee of comparator enterprise or the owner of comparators laptop. It is either observed or sometimes not observed by owner. Leak data may be source code or design specifications, price lists, intellectual property and copy rights data, trade secrets, forecasts and budgets. In this case the data leaked out it leaves the company goes in unprotected the influence of the corporation. This uncontrolled data leakage puts business in a backward position. To find the solution on this problem we develop two models. First, when any employee of enterprise...
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