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Interoperability and Portability among Open Clouds Using FIPA Agent   Rabia Khan

Interoperability and Portability among Open Clouds Using FIPA Agent

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Cloud computing is becoming an integral part IT. It is yet in its starting phases but soon it will become an essential commodity of life. It has revolutionized the IT world and reduced the burden of keeping huge datacenters at one location. Since it is still in starting stage that’s why a lot of concerns accompany it. The most important concerns are the portability (ability of a program to run in different environment) and interoperability (ability of a system to work with other systems without human intervention) among different clouds. In order to resolve this particular issue, an approach has been devised in this research using agents and XMPP protocol. Agents have the unique capabilities of mobility and intelligence. Before the approach proposed in this paper, agents had been used in cloud computing to achieve interoperability and portability but only one capability of agents had been utilized i.e. mobility. In my research both the capabilities of agents have been used, mobility...
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