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Wildfire Management in Terms of Project Management of Sentinel Asia   Kazuya Kaku,Toshihisa Honma and Masami Fukuda

Wildfire Management in Terms of Project Management of Sentinel Asia

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Wildfires are occurring globally and causing a serious impact at both a regional and a global level, and accordingly bear a substantial influence on global warming. The fourth IPCC report on global warming in 2007 pointed out that a huge amount of CO? has been emitted from wildfires—6-15 gigaton in the world a year, while the total emitted CO? from fuel burning is 27 gigaton. This work is intended as an investigation of applications of remote sensing and Web-GIS technologies for monitoring, controlling, and managing wildfires. Sentinel Asia (SA) project to support disaster management in the Asia-Pacific region applying remote sensing and Web-GIS technologies was established in 2005, and the goal of SA wildfire control initiative is to establish an operational cycle that includes firefighters in each country in order to mitigate the damages caused by fires. The author has been in charge of SA project management, and the following works have been conducted: an evaluation method for...
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