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Intelligent Signature Verification and Analysis   Maan Ammar

Intelligent Signature Verification and Analysis

252 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work which has been a multiple-patent-product commercialized mainly in 50 states of USA, with millions of dollars yearly-income, was done in Japan at Nagoya University, 1983-1989. The research was during the period of the Japanese Fifth Generation Computer Project (FGCP), in which an overwhelming desire of building Intelligent Systems was dominant allover Japan. It includes off-line signature: preprocessing, High Pressure Regions extraction, feature extraction and selection, conceptual description, and intelligent verification and analysis. The scientific achievements during the multistage development period between 1989 and the first patent in 2002 are covered. Some key clues to essential problems in actual ASV systems are also introduced. Important details with very rich experimental results and discussions are presented. A chapter covering functions, detailed structure, practical considerations and operation of the intelligent ASV system, (self-learning with...
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