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How to implement ITIL successfully?   Hami Khosravi Sereshki and Jingwen Wang

How to implement ITIL successfully?

2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices enhance service level, and decrease operational costs without lowering proficient and agile employees or increasing investment. Of course, ITIL does not provide a step by step practice list to create an IT organization, but provides a framework and list from IT operational processes which has been acquired through myriads of human experiences during years. By using ITIL, organizations can establish a set of practices and processes to increase IT services delivery and support. The purpose of this thesis is to reveal how ITIL should be implemented in an organization in an efficient and effective way to achieve the goal of reducing wastage, cutting costs and increasing customers’ satisfaction. There are many books dealing with the ITIL. But these publications do not prescribe how to adopt, adapt or implement the guidelines as part of a service management strategy; it would seem useful to explore implementation...
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