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Integrated Web Application of Bioinformatics for Format Conversions   Jayshree Advani

Integrated Web Application of Bioinformatics for Format Conversions

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This project aims at developing a tool for bioinformatics data to be available on one platform by using all types of formats conversion tools. This tool is more convenient to bioinformaticians,researchers and academic students as they do not have to search different databases for formats. By using this web tool on one platform they get the information about the databases, formats and available tools.This web tool is generally seen as a means to control the flow of data and show of information online but is also an invaluable tool to implementing and maintaining accessibility of this web tool.It allows administrator to easily customize their web tool as per requirement. It is easy to operate and can even be operated by non technical.In future these kinds of web tools will help bioinformaticians and researchers to handle large amount of data on one platform.
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