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Reverse Engineering Feature Models   Ra'Fat AL-Msie'Deen,Marianne Huchard and Christelle Urtado

Reverse Engineering Feature Models

228 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Companies often develop in a non-disciplined manner a set of software variants that share some features and di?er in others to meet variant-specific requirements. To exploit existing software variants and manage them coherently as a software product line, a feature model must be built as a first step. To do so, it is necessary to extract mandatory and optional features from the code of the variants in addition to associate each feature implementation with its name. In this book, we propose an automatic approach to organize the mined documented features into a feature model. The feature model is a tree which highlights mandatory features, optional features and feature groups (and, or, xor groups). The feature model is completed with requirement and mutual exclusion constraints. We rely on Formal Concept Analysis and software configurations to mine a unique and consistent feature model. To validate our approach, we apply it on several case studies. The results of this evaluation...
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