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Project Plan for Globally Distributed Software Team / Project   Affan Yasin,Susmitha Bhavana and Atif Yasin

Project Plan for Globally Distributed Software Team / Project

56 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Increasing globalization has urged organizations to reduce software costs and access to the best qualified resources, which leads through global software development teams as one of many possible solutions. More and more software companies have become multinational and used the benefits of offshore in-sourcing, outsourcing and virtual software development teams to increase their competitiveness and keep costs down for software development. A large number of companies failing to achieve their expected high results due to many inherent disadvantages of virtual software development. Software companies have limited time and budget to research these problems and ways to solve them. In this book, dummy scenario of global software development was created. Possible solutions to problems in GSD were discussed in detail. e.g Time difference, Culture & Language difference and Familiarization & trust issues.
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