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A Subscription-based Multi-user Digital Signage Networked System   Kabilen Sornum

A Subscription-based Multi-user Digital Signage Networked System

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Digital signage is the new media advertising medium. It is defined as an out-of-home advertising and outputs information on electronic output devices like LCD screens, plasmas, large electronic panels. Digital signage has helped in creating new advertising techniques to get the message across in a way that static posters and billboards never could. It is the future of outdoor and indoor public advertising medium and will shortly replace the traditional advertising media. The displays can consist of text, images, animations or video with or without sound. The current systems have a player connected offline to the displays or a computer connected through a network to display digital contents. Content management is usually done from the main central server often referred to as the Network Operating Center (NOC) or the digital contents are manually updated on the players where offline modes are used. This work describes creation of business models for a subscription based networked...
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