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ICEdu : An Information Cloud for Educational Institutions   Kavitha Ramachandran and Sivadasan E. T.

ICEdu : An Information Cloud for Educational Institutions

72 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
ICEdu: An Information Cloud for Educational Institutions explains how cloud computing concepts can be adapted to educational institutions. Firstly, it gives basic concepts of cloud computing which help beginners to understand the types and flavors about the same. It also give a detailed description about the advantages of using cloud computing in educational institutions over traditional approaches. The book gives the step-by-step procedure for the development of a private cloud and a cloud based application that can be used by any educational institution for managing their student data. This can be modified to any extent to include all aspects of an institution without much difficulty. This book form a building block for students and people who work in this field.
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