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Online Signature Recognition Using Sectorization of Complex Plane   Avani Shah and Vinayak Bharadi

Online Signature Recognition Using Sectorization of Complex Plane

104 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Biometric systems are known as the safety modules which diminishes the system's security concerns. In this book we have explored the concept of signature recognition which is one of the behavioral entity of biometric systems. These signatures can be both Online or Offline. Online signatures are captured through a digitizer and processed further. The book further showcases the unimodal and Multi-Algorithmic features. Sectorization of complex Walsh Plane as well as other transforms and Wavelet based transforms has been used and their variants are used for feature vector generation and for recognition purpose. The fusion based technique are discussed in detail along with Soft biometric features. This book has a comparison of seven transforms which are used to analyse the performance of a system. This book will be very helpful for those who are currently working on or aspiring to work on the domain of online signature recognition.
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