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Placement of SaaS Components in Cloud Computing Environment   alok kumar and Bibhudatta Sahoo

Placement of SaaS Components in Cloud Computing Environment

68 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The SaaS deployment is the installation to delivery of software services in cloud computing infrastructure. SaaS deployment is initiated by a cloud service provider via a user requesting process, which is generally automated. SaaS is a combination of different type of components; application component, integration component, business component, and storage component. Component placement problem (CPP) concerns with ?nding the optimum set of VMs on which SaaS components can be placed such that all user requirements should be satis?ed and maximizes the pro?t of the SaaS providers. In CPP, the solution of the problem is subject to a set of resource and SLA constraints. The CPP is presented as a linear programming problem. The CPP has been proven by researchers as an NP-complete, hence the Genetic Algorithm approach has been used to produce sub optimal solution
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