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Mobile Communications Network Planning   Promise Joe-Ibekwe

Mobile Communications Network Planning

108 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mobile communications is one of the fastest growing and most popular voice, video and data services that has ever existed. The advantages of increased accessibility experienced by mobile users attract an increasing number of new subscribers. This places huge loads on the capacity of network elements. Mobile networks are known to have problem of scarce resources, especially bandwidth and frequency spectrum. Some applications require that specific quality of service guarantees are met by the network at all times thus leading to higher demand on available resource. Network Operators have to deal with the resultant network stress through more efficient network planning. This obviously made Network Planning a necessity for the implementation and realization of a viable network. This book, therefore discussed some important aspects of mobile communications network planning, providing useful information required for most network planners with more emphasis on improving Quality of Service...
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