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Situation-aware Technologies for Healthcare Applications   Shumei Zhang

Situation-aware Technologies for Healthcare Applications

212 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Chronic diseases are costly for global health systems and society in general. Many of the associated health problems can be prevented by adherence to healthy lifestyle. This book undertakes the design and evaluation of a behaviour analysis and reminder delivery framework, referred as iMessenger, which comprises four topics: activity classification; location detection; context management; and reminder delivery. The activity classification module extracted the activity postures using an accelerometer embedded in a belt-worn smart phone. The location detection module localized tagged subjects based on RFID technologies. Ontological modeling and reasoning were utilized to integrate heterogeneous contexts, and to infer users’ current activity and situations. The inference results were generated into situation-aware reminders. iMessenger has the potential to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle for enhanced well-being and can therefore potentially reduce the burden of...
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