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The Challenges And Current Status Of E-learning   Hirut Berhe Hailu

The Challenges And Current Status Of E-learning

240 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In higher education in particular application of ICT’s in the form of e-learning is already changing teaching learning processes. The research identified that the current status of e-learning in the institution is in its infant stage. No ICT policy at work is found in the institution. As the finding shows availability of hardware, faster Internet connectivity, improved software, reliable electricity and open source software makes e-learning more effective. Moreover, the result of the study indicated that there are several factors that hinder the implementation of e-learning at the institutions. These include infrastructure problem, lack of awareness and motivation, lack of ICT skill, lack of training facilities, lack of administrative management and technical support and resistance of individuals to change. Effective implementation of e-learning could be possible through policy consideration that favors e-learning, creation of awareness and motivation among the university community,...
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