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A Framework for ICT Implementation in Public Primary Schools in Kenya   Michael Warui

A Framework for ICT Implementation in Public Primary Schools in Kenya

108 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Despite the emergence of ICT resources - such as computers, multimedia and the Internet, the proportion of public primary schools in Kenya making use of ICT is still very low. This research revealed that lack of technical support and access to educational software and e-content, and limited understanding on how to integrate ICTs into teaching were perceived as the key barriers to the further uptake of ICT in primary schools. Consequently, schools are unable to embrace an effective learning and quality pedagogy as they relate to ICT integration. This dissertation developed a framework that would support, describe and promote good practice in the use of ICT in learning and teaching in public primary schools. To help schools introduce sustainable ICT into learning environments, this framework has seven basic execution steps. In each step, a school has to undertake several activities as the inputs in the execution of the framework. There is a resultant outcome after execution of each...
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