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Secondary Structure Prediction of Amino Acids Using GOR Method   Pankaj Bhambri and Prerna Bansal

Secondary Structure Prediction of Amino Acids Using GOR Method

68 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The term bioinformatics is related to study of biomolecules information. The informatics techniques are applied to understand and organize the information associated with the molecules. Bioinfromatics is the management of information system for molecular biology and has many practical applications. GOR method based on information theory and bayesian statistics is quite successful in its accuracy of secondary structure prediction. Probabilities of three confirmational states are predicted for each residue in the sequence with the help of GOR method and this information can be used for furthher analysis. These results are acheived when prections are made on single sequence. The developement method is highly stable and consistent when tested against the different DSSP secondary structure reduction methods conducted in this research. Information regarding the secondary structure elements such as helix, sheet and coil that form for a particular sequence of amino acid is distributed...
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