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Competence Modeling and Ontology Development   Muhammad Jawad and Muhammad Ayub

Competence Modeling and Ontology Development

96 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ontology development is a systematic technique to represent the existing and new knowledge about a specific domain by using some models to present the system in which conceptualization is involved. This book presents the use of ontology to formally represent ontology-based competence model for potential users of quality registry report in a health care organization. The model describes the professional and occupational interests and needs of the users through structuring and describing their skills and qualifications. There are two main parts of our competence model: general competence and occupational competence. The model is implemented in protegee 4.0. Although our competence model gives the general view about all medical areas in a hospital, from implementation point of view, we have considered only Cardiology area in detail. A user can get information about the patient and specific disease with treatment tips by using various organizational resources: i.e. quality registries,...
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