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Multilayer Artificial Immune Systems for Intrusion & Malware Detection   Mafaz M. K. Al-Anezi and Najla B. I. Al-Dabagh

Multilayer Artificial Immune Systems for Intrusion & Malware Detection

148 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
AIS is a generic computational paradigm that can be applied to any field, but computer security, being naturally analogous domain to human immune system, is more popular among AIS applications. The particular principles and features of the immune system are used in the development of the intrusion and malware detection framework. The authors have presented a concise literature review showing good understanding of the topic area about Artificial Immune Systems (AISs). The book has suitable technical content which the authors described with clarity of expression and relevant knowledge. The authors also make good effort in describing the technical concepts in simple and easily to understood language. The proposed two systems IIDS and IPEMDS scheme's are soundly designed with good approaches and solid arguments. The technical information presented in this book is interesting and will be useful to researchers and practitioners.
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