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E-Government Implementation   Firas E. A. Fraihat

E-Government Implementation

80 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Researcher concluded from the research based on chapter 2, 3, 5 that most government Agencies are applying technologies without using standards, and this lead to difficulties during the implementation, from conceptual model we got “It is common for different government agencies to have different, incompatible hardware and software that may not work, integrate and interoperate together; this may lead to E-government implementation difficulties” according to Layne and Lee (2001). Depending on Study interviews “all of them agreed that they don’t apply standards for the eight dimensions”, also “all of them agreed that apply comprehensive standards will increase productivity and unification, decrease wasting effort, save time, and reduce cost”. Researcher applied comprehensive standards for technology, we can extend to apply that on social and organizational that influence E-government project, also researcher recommended that using centralization at earlier stage will lead to...
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