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Use of Electronic Resources and its Impact   Umme Habiba

Use of Electronic Resources and its Impact

92 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today availability of e-resources in a university library is very common. But their proper and maximum use is a matter for discussion. The advent of information technology has made a clear and diffusive impact in almost every area of library services. As such, the library environment has undergone a rapid changes leading to new generation of libraries with an emphasis on electronic resources and services. Dhaka University Library is also no more than exception of these. This paper presents and analyses the status of electronic resources facilities and services provided by the Dhaka University Library (DUL). It also discusses the purpose of using e-resources, benefits, subject coverage status, overall user satisfactions, problems that are faced by DUL users while accessing e-resources and perceived impact of e-resources on users. Finally, it reports the results from questionnaire-based survey of e-resources use and its impact on DUL users. I confidently believe that the students,...
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