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Motivations for Mississippi Community College IT Staffs   Leann Markham

Motivations for Mississippi Community College IT Staffs

112 страниц. 2015 год.
Scholars' Press
Information technology is an ever evolving field that has become a mainstay in information technology (IT) infrastructure and systems at educational institutions, however, these IT employees are faced with challenges different than their counterparts. Faced with these circumstances, IT employees continue to perform their duties and ensure the institution is functioning on a daily basis. With these employees working in this environment, where education is the focus, what factors influence IT employees’ job satisfaction? Specifically, this book focused on IT professionals employed at community and junior colleges in Mississippi and the facets that influence these employees’ job satisfaction. The abridged Job Descriptive Index and the abridged Job in General survey tools were utilized to determine the level of satisfaction for various aspects of their jobs. The results showed several interesting findings. One being IT employees were most satisfied with the work itself. Also, this same...
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