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FingerPal: Biometric Payment System   Francisco Canovas Valles,Zaneta Babko and Olga Bzdawka

FingerPal: Biometric Payment System

108 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The report attempts to examine the potential of biometric-based payment method in retail transactions. Recent studies show consumers'' acceptance to new methods of payment and a need for innovation. Biometrics industry is experiencing a steady growth and is becoming more technologically advanced, the cost of fingerprint-enabled devices is dropping. Therefore, the report gives insights into the business and technical aspects related to the successful development and implementation of biometric payment solutions on the market. The report provides an extensive market research of the biometric industry and further provides details of the size of the financial sector of biometric market and its forecasts, the analysis of competitors and SWOT analysis. The project focuses on fingerprint based payment as most mature form of biometric identification. The technology chapter gives an in-depth analysis of factors such as security, accuracy, technology requirements and deployment of the system....
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