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Semantics and Query Reformulation in Distributed Environments   Damires Souza

Semantics and Query Reformulation in Distributed Environments

196 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Query answering has been addressed as a key issue in dynamic distributed environments. An important step in this process is reformulating a query posed at a peer into a new query expressed in terms of a target peer, considering existing correspondences between them. In this book, we present a semantic-based approach, named SemRef, which brings together both query enrichment and query reformulation techniques in order to provide users with a set of expanded answers. To this end, we make use of semantics which is mainly acquired from a set of semantic correspondences that extend the ones commonly found. Furthermore, we take into account the context of the user, of the query and of the environment as a way to enhance the overall process and to deal with information that can only be acquired on the fly.
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