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Power Management: Using Observer Network Management System   Emenike Ahiabuike

Power Management: Using Observer Network Management System

64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Energy management strategies form important global concern for industries, datacentres, and enterprise networks, due to high cost of maintaining IT infrastructure on the network. Various efforts have been made by IT equipment vendors in addressing this need, but existing energy aware technologies have raised some technical issues like devising methods to measure the power utilization of devices and output control. Since the power state of devices could be monitored from one source, a design framework of integrating power manager with a network management system which possesses metering functionality would be a great idea. In this book, an integration of power and network management protocols is presented as a solution to this present industry need. The design framework satisfies existing network and power management protocols, and could be further developed. Currently, not enough relevant academic materials on this new power management method exist. This book therefore forms a strong...
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