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University Video Library   Ainul Fatima

University Video Library

56 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
University Video Library is a unique service blending a library of video content with clever functionality that save lecturer’s time and improves student learning. University Video Library is to create a media for a student to revise the topic during their study time for better understanding of the topic taught in a class. Students are bounded with the university rule for the minimum attendance requirement to appear for their end semester examinations.University Video Library helps the students those who missed some of the topic due to unavoidable reason. A web based interface with an authentication provides students to access the video files based on lecturers, demonstrations, discussions etc. over the Intranet facility available in the campus. Its interactive interface and functionality allows students to browse, search and view with ease. The thumbnail/description facilitates the students to identify the right clip quickly from the search result. The lectures are filmed during...
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