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A Content Delivery System for Computer Aided Language Instruction   Shyma Mohaisen

A Content Delivery System for Computer Aided Language Instruction

152 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
North American children have a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. For children whose mother tongue is still being spoken at home, maintaining and advancing parental linguistic instruction is an ongoing effort. This effort must be upheld by the parents and other classroom based media if the child is to preserve and further his mother language acquisition. We propose a means for computer assisted language delivery based on an expandable language content delivery system. The system is applied to the instruction of the Arabic language for grade one, second language instruction. All aspects of the delivery process are demonstrated in terms of letter shape, composition, recognition, connection shapes, and relevant vocabulary models. The model discussed in this thesis is relevant to the instruction of cursive languages such as Urdu or Persian. We drew on relevant research to enhance and contrast our system where necessary. A total of seven students were asked to use the...
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