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Magnetics-Inspired Virtual Current Methods in Image Processing   Xiaodong Zhuang and Nikos E. Mastorakis

Magnetics-Inspired Virtual Current Methods in Image Processing

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book is about an interdisciplinary topic of nature-inspired image processing. In this book, several basic image processing issues are analyzed from a brand new viewpoint. The readers will be brought to an artificial environment with virtual current and virtual magnetic field in digital images, which is the imitation of the real physical field. The readers will find interesting simulation experiments in the book, together with novel and inspiring results. The book is mainly for academics and college students, especially for the researchers in the field of image processing. It can also be a reference book for those who major in electronic engineering or computer science. With the presentation of their latest original research, the authors hope their exploration and discoveries in magnetics-inspired method will attract more research interest in the developing and promising field of nature-inspired image processing, an interdisciplinary field with rich undiscovered technical resources...
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