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The Verification of MDG Algorithms in the HOL Theorem Prover   Sa''ed Abed and Otmane Ait Mohamed

The Verification of MDG Algorithms in the HOL Theorem Prover

160 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Formal verification of digital systems is achieved, today, using one of two main approaches: states exploration (mainly model checking (MC)) or deductive reasoning (theorem proving). The combination of the two approaches promises to overcome the limitation and to enhance the capabilities of each. Our research is motivated by this goal. In this book, we provide the necessary infrastructure (data structure + algorithms) to define high level states exploration in the HOL theorem prover named as MDG-HOL platform. We have based our approach on Multiway Decision Graphs (MDGs). We formalize the basic MDG operations within HOL following a deep embedding approach. Then, we derive the correctness proof for each MDG basic operator. Based on this platform, the MDG reachability analysis is defined in HOL as a conversion that uses the MDG theory within HOL. Finally, we propose a reduction technique to improve MDGs MC based on MDG-HOL platform. The idea is to prune the transition relation of the...
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