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Re-engineering of health care institutions in developing countries   Mudith Karunatilaka

Re-engineering of health care institutions in developing countries

140 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The acquisition costs of advanced total software solutions are too high and most such solutions are not tailored for the specific needs of health care institutions in developing countries, and they continue to be challenged, in trying to overcome these barriers. In this book, the authors formulated a well-structured and iteratively applicable framework to re-engineer the processes in health care institutions. The proposed framework, defines a methodology to perform a detailed analysis of the existing workflows, in a small clinical unit and to then re-engineer, those process-level as well as policy-level workflows. The proposed framework can be executed with minimal resources. Furthermore, since the framework was conceptualized and designed with several built-in iterations and feedback loops, the final e-health solutions are likely to be more accurate, more timely, more cost-effective and more relevant to the local contexts than existing software solutions that are...
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